Are you an exhausted parent who wants to help your family sleep better?

Sleep Safety
Creating personalized plans to help babies, toddlers, school-aged children and adolescents sleep better

Give your child the gift of a good night's sleep 

Sleep Packages
In order to meet the unique needs of each family, there are several sleep packages available. Feel free to ask for modifications that you think would best fit with your family. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all at SleepSmartzzz!

Jamie Cassoff, PhD

Certified Sleep Consultant 

Jamie has always been passionate about healthy sleep habits for children and adolescents. She completed her PhD in Experimental Psychology at McGill University during which she developed an individualized program to motivate teenagers to go to bed earlier. 

It's never too early (or late) to set good sleep habits in motion. Good sleep hygiene in combination with healthy sleep schedules is the secret to healthy sleep. Here is are some tips for safe sleep! 

About Dr. Cassoff