"At 9 months old, our son was waking up frequently throughout the night. After consulting with us, Jamie designed a sleep  plan that catered to our specific needs. The plan was clearly outlined and we saw positive results within 48 hours. Within a  matter of weeks, our son went from waking up 2-3 times a night to sleeping 12 hours straight! Jamie was very supportive  throughout the process, answering any questions that we had. She was a pleasure to work with and most importantly, her  sleep plan worked!"

     -Rhea W


"Dear Jamie, 
We want to thank you so much for helping to guide us through sleep training our daughter. With some hard work from all of us, Allie has become an amazing sleeper; both her naps as well as her nighttime sleeps. As you know, we were struggling with consistency and we could never predict what her day would be like. Now, we finally feel the exact opposite. We have complete control over her day, and that makes our day much easier too! Having our nights back was really important to us as a couple and we no longer stress about constantly being occupied with her. We know there will always be tough nights in our future and that it won't always be perfect, but we now have the confidence to get through them. Your support was what got us through it and we are so thankful that we chose to work with you."

   -Adrienne and Josh K.

    Dollard Des Ormeaux


  "Jamie was a pleasure to work with. She made us feel confident in our tailored approach to sleep-training despite having  been very nervous about it before. She even adjusted our program when we changed our minds about certain things during  the process. As an MD, there was still so much I had to learn about sleep, and I would recommend consulting with Jamie for  an individualized guide to maximizing sleep and in turn the well being of your child!"



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"Our 5 month old was waking up every 2 hours in the middle of the night and barely napping during the day. The over-exhaustion was hindering our baby's development as well as our quality of life! Jamie immediately helped us create a schedule and plan that best suited our situation. What helped the most was the easy communication and critical follow up afterward to ensure the plan's success. Within a week, our baby had slept through the night! Jamie had given us the gift of sleep!"

  -Daniella M.


  "We consulted jamie when my son was 11months old because he was waking up several times at night, refused to nap! the only way he would sleep its if he was in our arms or in our bed! we tried everything ready books, doing the 5-10-15, letting him cry it out, you name it we tried it! we were exhausted and discouraged! after my first phone conversation i already felt like there was hope and help on the way! jamie was reassuring and understanding! after doing a home consultation she came up with a plan that was realistic for our family! we took the 7 day follow up and it was worth every pennie, having her there to reassure us and helping change a few things along the way was priceless! now our son sleeps a full night by himself with 2 nice naps during the day! i dont know why we waited so long! i highly recommend working with jamie if your kids have sleeping issues! Our family is truly happy and grateful to jamie!"



"We recently worked with Jamie to transition our 3 year old daughter from a crib to a toddler bed.  We had some sleep  issues in the past and were worried about the big change. Jamie was a pleasure to work with.  We were able to come up with  a plan for the transition together that was really personalized to our needs. The strategies that Jamie suggested worked  really well. Jamie was available every step of the way checking in on the progress and helping make any little changes that  were necessary.  She was very approachable and open to working with our specific needs.  Our daughter is now loving her  new bed and we are loving how excited she is about the bed and bedtime!"

     -Rachelle D 


​​       "We worked with Jamie when our daughter was 4 months old. She was still waking several times over the night, but we  knew it wasn’t because she was hungry but rather because her body was used to waking up.  While working with Jamie, she    took the time to really understand Avery’s sleep cycles & schedule. She provided us with a personalized guide including  many strategies on how to help us sleep train Avery. Jamie helped us understand the science behind the strategies so that  when we applied her techniques we understood the importance of staying consistent with them. After about 4 days, Avery  started to fall asleep easily on her own - no more walking and bouncing her to sleep! She started sleeping through the night  and waking up happy! Avery is now 6 months and her naps and night sleep are great. It was so helpful to work with Jamie  and we highly recommend her to any new parent in need of some sleep training guidance"

     -Jory G 


Jamie Cassoff, PhD

Certified Sleep Consultant